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Dr. Giora Ram



Giora was born on March 22, 1947 in Budapest, Hungary. He is a scientist and businessperson, but artist in his heart.

He has an extensive interdisciplinary background in many areas. Dr. Ram is the President and founder of Imexco General Ltd., a privately held, Patient Monitoring innovator in Neurology and Cardiology since 1987. The company is developing a unique portfolio of exciting and profitable projects in diverse medical and non-medical application areas.

Among his many publications in science and philosophy, he wrote a book on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, titled: "ADHD - Children of Tomorrow". A unique book, written as a co-production by a special child and his father. He also wrote a book: "The House on the Hill", a collection of poems and love letters and a book about mating and dating: "My Love, My Wife, My Divorcee".

He speaks Hungarian, Hebrew, English and German, divorced and has three children (Rakefet, Marganit and Erez). 

His hobby is art, antiques and collectables, painting and wood carvings.


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